How To Get Your Ex Back Fast – Win The Relationship Game !


how to get your ex backIt happened, your broke up. And it hurts so bad…

You might have expected it and you might thought this relationship will last forever, but sadly, it ended.Don’t give up yet, there is still hope !

I have some good news for you : If you follow the right plan, there’s a good chance you still get your ex back. ( by ex I mean your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife) , and fix your broken relationship.


This article has 3 CRUCIAL parts to recover your relationship :

Part 1 : the ‘cancer’ in your rleationship needs to be cured.

Part 2: want your ex-back? don’t EVER do these things…

Part 3 : The ‘ How to get your ex back ‘  plan

We know you probably want to jump right to part 3, but don’t.

If you truly want to recover your relationship, be patient, and read all 3 parts of this article.

Lets start with part 1.


Part 1: Cure The ‘Cancer’ in Your Relationship – 

It doesn’t matter how awesome your relationship was, something wasn’t right.

Before you do anything to try and fix your relationship, you must understand what was the problem that caused the breakup.


What was it ? be honest with yourself.

Was it jealousy ? either yours or your exs’ ? Did one of you cheat the other ? Did your ex says he/she doesn’t love you anymore?

Whatever the reason is, you need to acknowledge it, and then think about a solution.

If you will get back together just because, odds are you will break-up again, because the ‘cancer’ is still there, you must find a cure before you continue.

NOTE : Every problem has a solution, even if your ex says he/she ‘doesn’t love you anymore’, the solution is making your ex falling in love with you all over again…

After you understood what the problem is and how you can and will fix it, you can continue reading.


Next, lets discuss some FATAL mistakes you must avoid if you want your ex-back.


Part 2: How You WON’T Get Your Ex-Back – 3 Post Breakup Mistakes To Avoid – 

There are a few ‘post-breakup’ mistakes that you just need to avoid. They are counter-intuitive, which means you need to act against your instincts on these ones.


Breakup Mistake #1 : STOP ! Don’t contact your ex yet ! 

dont contact your ex yet
I know it’s an Iphone, but don’t contact your ex through your galaxy either.

It’s hard, I know, I have been there. But you must be strong, think long-term.

You need to let your ex think too, after you have done your thinking. Don’t worry I promise you your EX misses you too and thinks about you right now.

There are 2 main reasons you don’t want to contact your EX yet :

  1. You want to give your ex some time to think about the whole thing.
  2. You want to make him/her miss you.

I know you want your relationship fixed as soon as possible, but you must be patient.

Being needy won’t help you get your ex-back, it might actually decrease your chances of getting back together.


I recommend to give your ex 2-3 days before you contact him, and when you do, say you want to meet and talk, don’t talk over the phone/  facebook / text.

Seeing you will have a bigger impact on your ex.

If you have already contacted your ex, don’t worry, just DON’T contact him/her again until you fully read this article and have your plan ready.


Breakup Mistake #2 : Don’t Announce Your Breakup To The World ! 

These horrible facebook statuses must be avoided at all cost, and don’t tweet about how big of an asshole your ex is either.

Besides, you should keep that ‘dirty laundry’ with yourself, if you absolutely must tell someone, tell your family or closest friends.

But think about it – when you announce your breakup publicly, it makes getting back together HARDER.

Your ex won’t want to deal with all the ” oh I thought you guys broke-up ? ” comments, and I bet you won’t either.


Breakup Mistake #3 :  Trying to make your ex jealous – 

If you want to show your ex you’re mature, avoid doing that.

Don’t tag yourself holding/hugging/kissing another persons to make your ex feel jealous, it does the opposite.

It will just push your ex further away, because he/she might think you moved on and even if he thought about getting back with you, this might change his/hers mind.

Be mature, even if your ex does these things, it’s actually a good sign, he’s trying to show you he/she is over you, which is obviously not true.

Now that you understand what to avoid and already know what caused your breakup, it’s time to get to work.


Part 3 :Creating The ‘ How To Get Your Ex Back ‘ Plan – how to win your ex back

Here’s something you probably forgot : you know how to get your ex back better than anyone else does.

You just need a little guidance because odds are you are not thinking straight right now, and feeling mixed emotions.

That’s exactly the reason you need a detailed plan if you want to get your ex back to you.

The Plan – Getting Back Together : 

1.Set a Date With Your Ex : Call your ex, and tell him you need to talk to him/her. DON’T say more than that over the phone, the only purpsse of the phone call is to get him/her to meet with you.

2. The Talk –

Tell your ex everything you feel, tell him about the ‘cancer’ in your relationship, and how you can cure it, together!

Tell him you love him/her, and your relationship with him/her is extremely important to you, and how you want to work things out between you guys.

After you made your intentions clear, see your exs’ reaction.

Ask him/her for their opinion about re-building your relationships, and what he / she thinks needs to be changed.

From here, there are 2 possible scenarios – 

1.Your Ex wants to work things out, and rebuild your relationship – that’s amazing ! I wish you guys the best and make sure you e-mail me your wedding invitations.

2. Your Ex Doesn’t Want To Get Back Together – time for you to re-think your relationship again.

If everything you have done didn’t help, and your ex doesn’t want to get back together, are you sure you want to be with him/her?

There’s not right or wrong here. It’s up to you.

Sometimes its time to let it go, and sometime, love is worth fighting for, but the important thing is that YOU DECIDE.

If you decide to keep fighting  and get your ex back, we have plenty more useful advice on how to get your ex back, dont give-up!

And if you decide to move on, that’s great too, there are plenty of people in  this world and you can definitely find someone who can appreciate you and love you.

Whatever your choice is, I wish you the best of luck.

Feel free to contact me through the “contact us” button if you need any relationship advice, i’ll be more than glad to help.

Last thing – please share this article and help others fix their relationships as well, its important to spread the love in this world !

5 Tips To Become Better In Bed – Get Your Ex Back Through Mind-Blowing SEX

How To Get Better In Bed – And Get Your Ex Back Through Mind-Blowing Sex

If you want to get your ex back fast, you need to become better in bed. period.

Sex is one of the strongest tools we have to maintain a healthy relationship. It feels great, and makes a spiritual connection between you two.

Even if you give up on getting your ex back or want to move on, it is always a good idea to get better in bed, improve your sex life, for any relationships in the future.

Today we will share with you 5 ways to become better in bed, improve your sex life, and therefore your relationship.

We have collected these tips from our personal life and from happy couples who have been together for over 10 years.

Sex Tip 1 : Always spend time on foreplay

Wether your spouse is a he or a she, foreplay is a MUST. We can’t emphasize this enough.

Foreplay not only makes the whole sex experience longer (which is great especially for men who don’t last long in bed ) but it also makes it so much better !

The couples we interviewed recommended to spice the foreplay up a little, and use a popular toy called Adventure remote egg , click the link to get it.



Sex Tip 2 : Go Down On Partner

Oral sex is another great way to make your sex life so much better.

Couples say that oral sex don’t just arouse them, it sets the mood and make the atmosphere for sex, and we definitely agree.

Before you get to business, use your tongue to please your partner, we don’t want this to turn into an erotic story, so use your imagination, and please him (or her).


Sex Tip 3 : Fulfill Your Fantasies !

One of the best sex tips we heard was to try explore and fulfill each others fantasies.

It just brings couples closer. Imagin having a partner in life that you can share everything with. Well, it starts in bed.

If you need ideas, one couples stated they tried new things with submission, that sounded so fun and exciting, that we decided to post the “mistress kit ” they use to play with. Get it here.


Sex Tip 4 : Eye contact

If you want to emotionally connect with your partner while having sex, look him in his eyes the whole time. It makes everything better, trust us. It will also make the experience more personal, rather than just a quickie.

Sex Tip 5 : Match His Breathing Pace

This is probably one of the most powerful tips we have ever discovered when it comes to improving your sex life. Did you know that if you breath at the same pace while having sex, it will spirtually connect you ?

We actually took this tip from Tony Robbins, who is a very popular life coach, and said he fixed broken marriages with this tip.

While you are having sex, try to mirror your partners’ breathing pace.

We tried it, it works like a charm.


Lets wrap it up !

If you want to have better relationships, or get your ex back fast, you need to get better in bed. We all do.

Sex is one of the most important factors of a relationship, its always a good idea to try new things and spice it up.

We hope you learned some new sexy tricks today, now close your computer and try them !



This article is sponsored by EdenFantasys.com .

5 Powerful Signs Your Ex Wants You Back – And How You Should React…

We all see you..
Is Your Ex Stalking You ?

So, you thought your ex is over you? think again!

There are a few signs that can tell you that your ex wants you back, and you must know what they are, and what they actually mean, and most important – how you should react to them – if you want to win your ex back.

If you haven’t yet, read the how to get your ex back  post before you read this one, so you’ll have a better idea on our plan to get you your ex back.

In this post we will discuss all the signs you may have missed, but actually mean he or she still loves you, miss you, and want you to get back together !

The 7 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back –

Sign #1 : The ‘Houdini’ Syndrome –

Lets face it, your ex is not houdini and doesn’t have magicall skills.

Yet, it seems like he or she is everywhere. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Odds are your ex is actually ‘stalking’ you, by reading your facebook statuses or asking your best friends where you are going to be today.

What Should You Do?

magical ex
The Magical Ex Seems To Appear Everywhere…

If you ‘suddenly’ meet your ex somewhere, say ‘hi’ and ask your ex how is he or she doing – don’t act like you haven’t seen him/her, it’s rude and immature, and might actually push your ex away from you.

Don’t mention how you miss him/her and want to get back to together, it’s not the time or the place.

If your ex offers to meet sometime or wants to “talk” – that’s great, set up a date, and move on to your business.

Don’t change your plans just because your ex suddenly popped, first because you don’t want to seem needy, second because you should value your time and actually have stuff to do, and your ex needs to realize you won’t just drop everything when he / she feels like it.

Sign #2 : Your Ex Becomes Your Friends’ Best Friend

Does your ex became close to some of your best friends? that’s a huge sign, especially if he/she wasn’t that close before your broke up.

Odds are, they want to stay close to you and don’t want to let go, why else would they suddenly become best friends, with your best friends ?

What Should You Do ?

Tell your friend, to be a real friend, and give less attention to your EX. Simple as that.

Unless they are not really your friends, they will respect your wish.

Sign #3 : Your Ex Becomes A Party Animal !

your ex wants you backI know stories where someone have never even been to a club before, and suddenly he / she goes out 7 nights a week, taking pictures with people and posting them on facebook…

What do you think that means? right, they’re trying to show you they ‘got over you’, but did they really ?

Think about it, if your ex really didn’t care about you, did he / she really need to go party every night and post these pictures, pretending to have fun? probably not.

What Should You Do ? 

Don’t comment and don’t like these pictures, just ignore them…

I dont believe in games, but if your ex wants to play – then game on. We won’t give him the attention he / she wants.

Sign #4 : Your Ex Developed ‘Alzheimer’ When It Comes To His/Her Stuff

No disrespect to people who really suffer from that disease, if your ex takes his/her time to take back their bellongings from your place, well.. that’s pretty obvious.

They are having a hard time letting you go and probably want to get back together, therefore they leave their stuff behind, they know that once they take their stuff, they took another step ending the relationship.

What Should You Do ?

Nothing. Don’t remind him/her to take their stuff back, give them time. Remember you want to win your ex back, don’t be mean now that you know what these really means. Sometime the best thing to do is not to do.


Sign $5 : Your Ex Contacts You Often

Last but not least, this sign is one of the most powerful ones, and definitely shows your ex is having a hard time with your breakup.

Does he/she calls, text’s or messages you often? even when it seems like they don’t have much to say?

It has the same principles as the previous sign (4) and they are afraid to let go of your .

What Should You Do ?

I say, if he reaches out, reach back. If he / she hands your a hand, take it, especially if you want to get back to your ex.

Put your ego aside, even if they were mean, some things are greater than your ego. And if you have decided you want to work on that relationship, it’s probably worth fightining for.


Lets Wrap It Up – 

These 5 signs are important to notice if you are trying to win your ex back, and if any of them exist, odds are your axe wants you back as well.

The important thing is that you stay mature and don’t use these against your ex, if he hands you his hand, don’t hit it, take it.

Realize that as much as it’s hard for you, it’s probably hard for your ex as well.

Last thing – please share this post with your friends, we’re trying to help fix as many relationships as we can.